Welcome to the 457 Plan Service Group

The 457 Plan Service Group has been providing plan administration services to New York municipalities for over 35 years. We not only  helped many New York municipalities initially establish their 457 plans in the late 1980s and early 1990s but have continued our commitment to quality local service and education since.

We currently service 20 New York 457(b) plans with more than $600 million of assets. Our group understands the unique complexities of administering a New York 457(b) plan that follows the New York State Model Plan Document and will help your municipality maintain compliance with the State's regulations and update your plan document when needed.

We understand the multiple needs of a diverse municipal workforce. Our goal is to offer each employee a licensed, trusted local representative and an education program that emphasizes how the plan works and the benefits of participating in the retirement plan.

To achieve this goal, we encourage early and consistent participation, well-suited asset allocation, and continual review of an employee's financial plan. Our help also goes beyond employment with your municipality as we make an active effort to help ensure retirees of your organization receive the same care and services as those still working.